Paragliding - Tandem Flight...

FLIGHT from Krippenstein
TAKEOFF 13° 41' 28" O, 47° 31' 26" N
LANDING 13° 41' 34" O, 47° 33' 13" N

Would you like to rediscover the world from above? Experience the sensation you get before takeoff, in-flight and after the landing? To let go, float away, the constant changing of perspective and the wonderful feeling of landing? Then book a tandem flight with SkyClub Austria and enjoy the world from above.

You do not need to be a pilot to experience the feeling of free flight. With a tandem flight you can realise your dream without having to fly yourself.

Generally the flight takes about 20 - 30 minutes. Physically, you should be able to run a few steps. Fear of heights is generally not an issue, as you do not jump - you float off.


  • Tandem paraglide flight with a state approved pilot
  • Flight over the UNESCO World Heritage Dachstein glacier, Hallstatt and Hallstatt lake
  • Height difference of 1600m from take-off to landing
  • Safety briefing
  • Certificate
  • Able to bring own camera
  • By request, a recording of the flight

Places of interest during flight:

  • The view of the Dachstein glacier
  • Unbelievable panorama from the Krippenstein take-off point of the Dachstein glacier, the Hallstatt lake and Hallstatt
  • Directly after take-off, you pass the '5-fingers' and have the chance to wave at the many hikers
  • On request, we can fly over the Hallstatt lake towards Hallstatt
  • With enough wind, we can fly over the 'Grub castle'
  • Watch the swimmers in the summer
  • In winter you have the chance to watch the skiers
  • The great height difference also enables dynamic manoeuvres, such as spiralling


  • SUMMER: End of May until October
  • WINTER: December until April


  • Krippenstein Tandem flight costs 180,00
  • The price of the lift pass (€10,00) is not included
  • Payable on arrival


  • Ages: 6 to 99 (children require adult consent)
  • Weight: 30 to 120 kg
  • Fitness: A minimum requirement to be able to run
  • Health: Not suitable for people with blood circulation, nerve of heart problems, a previous injury to the muscular system, balance issues or people suffering or have suffered a nervous disorder, as well as people under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine.

If you are interested in booking a flight, then we recommend you contact one of the providers below:

SkyClub Austria:

Tel: +43 69912 33 22 11

E-Mail: office@skyclub.at

Web:  www.skyclub-austria.at



Landhaus Osborne - Ebnerstegweg 148 - 4831 Obertraun - Austria | Tel: +43 681 103633 84 | Email: info@landhaus-osborne.at