Mountain Biking



Mountain Biking...


Through the Salzkammergut Mountain Bike Center we are able to arrange guided mountain bike tours to the most scenic spots in the Salzkammergut, 5 days a week.


Through them we can arrange for you to either take part in a one day guided tour, or even have your own personal guide who will take you on a tour and also provide MTB training.

The advantages of having a local guide are as follows:

  • Enjoy nature without having to worry about navigation
  • Local guides know the best trails and most scenic spots
  • Local guides can point out the natural, cultural and culinary highlights en route
  • Experienced guides can provide useful information on trail and riding techniques
  • Tips on equipment, nutrition, training etc.
  • Guides can help you fix problems with your bike (flat tires etc)
  • Enjoy biking as a social experience meet other bikers
  • Guides can help you in case of emergency

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