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Obertraun, the little gem on Lake Hallstatt. Rich in local history and tradition. Discover this region famous for its unique culture, mountain ranges, glaciers and mysterious caves. These are just some of the reasons to visit us!

Enjoy good fresh air and unpolluted water fresh from the mountain side.


The Dachstein Ice Caves

Take section 1 of the Dachstein Cable Car to the Schönbergalm. From here, it is just 15 minutes' walk to the entrance to the giant ice caves. The caves contain 30 000 square metres of ice. The cave has been open to visitors since 1913, and continues to be a fascination for visitors during the summer months.

The "Bibi-Blockberg" tours are a highlight for our younger visitors!
An unusual event aimed at music lovers is the "Eisklang Concert" which takes place right here in the caves!

The Mammoth Cave

This Mammoth Cave is also reached by taking the cable car (section 1). The origin of the name given to this vast network of caves is deceptive. No mammoth ever lived here, and it is the sheer vastness of this underground world which has given it its name. To date, more than 60 km of the cave system has been explored. Trekking tours are available for those who wish to explore this enormous labyrinth in greater detail.

The Koppenbrüller Cave

The third of the Dachstein Caves is the Koppenbrüller Cave which is located down in the valley, and there is no need to take a cable car there. Even the 15 minute walk to the cave entrance is spectacular. You take a stroll along the banks of the River Traun as it weaves its way between the mountains - through a wild, romantic landscape. Make time to stop and listen to the gentle, relaxing sounds of the babbling river.
The so-called karst cave is still active today. The cave once served as a hiding place for a military deserter during Maria Theresia's lifetime. One of the guides will be happy to tell you more of this romantic story!

The Dachstein World Heritage Cable Car

This is the least strenuous means of reaching the Dachstein Caves, and also the gigantic Krippenstein mountain which overshadows Obertraun (2100 metres). From here there are stunning panoramic views of the region and many hiking trails suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Highly recommended is a stroll to the spectacular "Five Fingers Viewing Platform" - five platforms which project outwards 500 metres above the ground! Nerve-shattering! The third section of the cable car brings you to the Gjaidalm which is a perfect base for numerous hiking trails around the Dachstein plateau!

Hiking in Obertraun in autumn - "Der Obertrauner Wanderherbst"

For those who wish to further explore this vast, high alpine landscape, the guided tours, organised as part of the "Obertrauner Wanderherbst", are the safest bet. Our experienced guides escort you to some of the most beautiful parts of our World Heritage Region, at a walking pace which is best suited to you. You will find a programme in our homepage or in the Tourist Office in Obertraun.


The Koppenwinkel Valley

is without doubt one of the most beautiful, tranquil retreats in the Inner Salzkammergut. Known as the "Koppenwinkellackn", this little lake is a favourite amongst locals too. It is surrounded by dense forests, is about half a metre deep and the water is cold as ice. In 1978, the area received a nature preservation order. If you continue a little further, you reach the Koppenwinkelalm pasture. During the summer months, refreshments are available here, and every year on the first Sunday in September, a traditional "Almfest" takes place. Culture and tradition at its best!

Lake Hallstatt

One of the loveliest but coolest lakes, popular with bathers in the summer months. There are two public bathing areas in Obertraun. The bathing area in Winkl has a section for naturists. The bathing area by the lake inlet is especially popular with families. There is a large play area with water slides and beach volleyball facilities. Food and refreshments available. Car parking is free to visitors to our bathing areas.

Culture and Tradition

Obertraun is a small village, and yet our cultural traditions live on. Many local groups organise events for all our neighbours, young and old, throughout the year. Visitors gain a true and unbiased insight into the mentality of the people who live in the Salzkammergut today.
One good example is the Obertraun traditional brass band. They perform concerts throughout summer which include both traditional and modern music. The annual "Echoblasen" performed by the Obertraun "Weisenbläser" is a celebration of traditional music and yodelling in the Inner Salzkammergut.



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