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St. Nicholas Play

The villages’ chronicles show that for more than 100 years the St. Nicholas Play has been taking place in Bad Mitterndorf on December 5th 2011.

More than 80 men and lads walk the 5km from the village of Krungl to Bad Mitterndorf and stage the traditional and rural Everymen’s Play five times.

Some might find it a big rough when the Krampus figures beat young girls with their rods, but mostly this roughness can only be seen when the performer and the “victim” know each other.

If tradition is important to you, then Bad Mitterndorf is the perfect venue. Texts are some 100 years old and the original wording is still used. Some texts are rather difficult to understand, but thanks to the old language, the listener gets a glimpse of a less hectic world.

The wooden masks are frightening, but show human features. The “Bartl” mask is more than 200 years old and the oldest of the play. The “Strohschab” figures, with their meter-long horns that tower into the sky, are special figures. They slowly head the parade and crack their whips.

Masks and furs are continuously renewed, but the main figures have remained unchanged for several decades.

A visit to Bad Mitterndorf is sure to be rewarding.

Times and Venues:

17.00 - Landhotel Kanzler, Krungl
18.00 - Gasthof Neuwirth, Zauchen (Freiluftbühne)
18.45 - Gasthof Zauchenwirt
20.00 - Wellness-Hotel Grimmingblick, Bad Mitterndorf (Terrasse)
21.00 - Hauptplatz, Bad Mitterndorf (Freiluftbühne)

Further Info: https://nikolospiel.webnode.at/orte/

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